for didactical aids development

About project

This development platform could be used as a base system for developing of didactical aids. It consists of many ready-to-use components that help developer with the didactical aid implementation. HW documentation and basic Firmware code are prepared for the quick rapid prototyping.

Platform in the box Platform PCB

Features & Ratings

  • Supply voltage: 4,5 to 40VDC
  • based on ATxmega32A4U microcontroller
  • supports USB, SPI, UART, I2C, GPIO interfaces
  • On board Accelerometer, Haptic Feedback (vibration), Communication Module 868MHz
  • Dimensions of PCB board: 42 x 50mm


You can download the Embedded platform description and documentation from our site. In this document the whole Embedded platform is described to start with the own development.


Photos of realized Aids

Aid for developing of pre-mathematical projections
Aid for pre-mathematical imagination projections